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Fruits Basket - Numa Numa Aya

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Feb. 23rd, 2006 | 04:09 pm
posted by: magicbutton in shortbusvids

Series: Fruits Basket.
Character/Pairing: Ayame, other.
Genre: Humor.
Artist: O-zone
Song: Dragosstea Din Tei
Studio/Creator: VidAEO
Vid/AMV Name: Numa Numa Aya [YouTube] [Google Video] [AMV.org] [MegaUpload]

Spoilers: No.
Synched: Yes.
Subtitled: Yes.
Logos: Somewhat.
Timed: Yes.
Overall Rating: ****

aslflakjsdflakjsdfljk, awesome. I mean, the editing wasn't perfect (hence only four stars, because I'm trying to be objective) and there was a lot of tiny little flaws (obvious freezing/stuttering of certain scenes, but just for a small moment, etc.), but there's so much I love about this one. The choice of Ayame is fantastic, the high-paced clips are grand and well-chosen, and I really love the opening/ending sequences with the original dialogue that frame the video perfectly. Seriously one of the best uses of the Numa Numa song yet. <3

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