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Cowboy Bebop - United States of Cowboy Andy

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Feb. 23rd, 2006 | 03:16 pm
posted by: magicbutton in shortbusvids

Series: Cowboy Bebop
Character/Pairing: All/other.
Genre: Humor.
Artist: Liam Lynch
Song: United States of Whatever George Bush Remix
Studio/Creator: Dark Side Productions
Vid/AMV Name: United States of Cowboy Andy [YouTube] [Google Video] [AMV.org] [MegaUpload]

Spoilers: Not really.
Synched: Yes.
Subtitled: No.
Logos: No.
Timed: Yes.
Overall Rating: *****

I never quite know what I think of this song most times I hear it, but it's used fantastically here (though, it's not the version I'm used to) and the video synching and choice of clips are a thing of beauty. Even the editing of this is brilliant. I laughed the entire way through this. So, so many ♥ for this one.

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