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Fruits Basket - Why Don't You Get a Job - Life Ain't Easy

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Feb. 23rd, 2006 | 03:37 pm
posted by: magicbutton in shortbusvids

Series: Fruits Basket
Character/Pairing: Kyou, Kagura
Genre: Humor
Artist: Offspring
Song: Why Don't You Get a Job
Studio/Creator: Down to Earth Studios
Vid/AMV Name: Life Ain't Easy [YouTube] [Google Video] [AMV.org] [MegaUpload]

Spoilers: No.
Synched: Mostly, yes.
Subtitled: No.
Logos: No.
Timed: Yes.
Overall Rating: ****

Despite that it's not my pairing, the humor and fantastic editing of this and my love for Offspring music wins over it. XD The clips chosen for this song are really solid, the lip synching isn't at the expense of the flow of the rest of the video, and the whole thing winds up being just great. Once again, Furuba AMVs win for humor and sheer crack. XD

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