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Saiyuki - I Dare You To Move - Genjyo Sanzo: Dare You To Move

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Mar. 10th, 2006 | 12:07 pm
posted by: joyeuxnoel in shortbusvids

Series: Saiyuki
Character/Pairing: Genjyo Sanzo
Genre: Drama, Character Profile
Artist: Switchfoot
Song: I Dare You To Move
Studio/Creator: (Unknown)
Vid/AMV Name: Genjoy Sanzo: Dare You To Move [YouTube] [Google Video] [AMV.org] [MegaUpload]

Spoilers: Yep
Synched: Nope
Subtitled: Unfortunately
Logos: Random DivXness
Timed: Not really.
Overall Rating: ***

Ah, there's nothing quite like a broody Sanzo. The editing isn't great for this amv but they make some wonderful scene choices (and really there's no lack of Sanzo looking pissy and moody) and doing the flashback sequences in black and white is wonderfully effective unfortunately it doesn't quite follow through. However, you need frame of reference to completely understand what's going on and just why the song choice fits the character so well.

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