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Short Bus Vids!

Because crack AMVs are fun!

Short Bus
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Welcome to Short Bus Vids!

Short Bus Vids takes its name in homage of the "Fruits Basket" fandom and the interesting variety of AMVs its fans create. Linkin Park AMVs are a dime a dozen and every fandom has vids set to the Hampster Dance theme song but how many fandoms can boast of a repertoire consisting of music from the Nutcracker, Denis Leary, Chumbawamba, the William Tell Overture, Itchy and Scratchy and Old McDonad. That AMV you have to Michael Jackson looks normal now, doesn't it? When it comes to cracked out concepts for AMVs Fruits Basket rides the short bus compared to other fandoms, but the best part is the fact they actually do them well. Short Bus Vids salutes Furuba for being full of cracktastic goodness!

Short Bus Vids strives to become a video and AMV directory which will be organized by livejournal tags. Using livejournal tags you can instantly generate a list of all AMVs with a particular song, a particular artist, or a particular series. In addition, Short Bus Vids will provide video and AMV creator detail, note the various aspects and techniques that go into making a video, and provide links for streaming or download content. Short Bus Vids should be seen as a directory first and a recommendations journal second.

.modus operandi.
The number of AMVs produced is huge and while the good ones aren't as rare as a needle in a haystack it comes close. Anime Music Videos.org does a wonderful job cateering to creators and allowing free downloads but downloading every vid to find that one perfect video can be taxing. YouTube.com offers free streaming videos and boasts a considerable collection of AMVs but their streaming quality is mediocre at best and while Google Video has better quality, being new, they still lack much of the content to be found.

Short Bus Vids strives to link videos not only from one site, but search for mirror content from other sites as well. Short Bus Videos is a prescreener so you know just which version of the Naruto AMV set to "One Step Closer" that's actually worth watching or whether the One Piece AMV set to the Ninja Turtles Theme Song is really that scary or just cracktastic fun.

If an AMV is availible for download by the creator or a similiar site, a mirror of the download will be hosted on a file sharing site for convenience and bandwidth purposes. Downloads will not be availible if it invovles ripping the file from YouTube or Google Video. If any upload link has expired, please comment and it will be reuploaded.

Ratings will range from One Star to Five Stars. Ratings are based upon concept, originality, song choice, with emphasis placed on the technical level of a vid as well since a lot of other characters are subjective. Three Stars is generally worth a look, Four Stars will be enjoyable however more so if you like the series/song/artist and Five Stars is generally a must see.

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All videos and songs are the property of their respective owners and no copyright infringement is intended.